Welcome to the Tahqua-Land Theatre of Newberry, MI.

This historical theatre features a Greek Mythological theme.

Italian stucco, casted mouldings, & 10,000 sheets of Gold Leafing.

Treat yourself with popcorn, candies and fountain pop.

Upper Peninsula Historical Theater, Save Michigan Theater, Kickstarter Save Newberry Theater

Tahqua-Land Theatre of Newberry MI
Upper Peninsula Historical Theater

"Digital or Die
We are born optimists otherwise we sure wouldn't be in the business.  The Tahqu-Land Theatre of Newberry, MI is launching the, "Digital or Die" campaign nationwide to help save our Upper Peninsula Historical Theater.  A place where generations of movie-goers have enjoyed watching a show in a comfortable, community setting that has its traditional roots dating back to the 1930's.  We want to keep bringing big movies to small town America and Newberry, Michigan is just that.  There is nothing that compares with being a part of a theatre full of laughing little kids or screaming girls or teary eyed patrons leaving knowing that they will be back soon for different adventures into the past, present and future. 

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We have overcome many hurdles in the past and this is what makes us unique, strong and optimistic.