Welcome to the Tahqua-Land Theatre of Newberry, MI.

This historical theatre features a Greek Mythological theme.

Italian stucco, casted mouldings, & 10,000 sheets of Gold Leafing.

Treat yourself with popcorn, candies and fountain pop.


Apollo and Daphne

Apollo and Daphne by Giovanni Tiepolo in Louvre, Paris 1743 - Apollo seeing Cupid playing with his bow and arrows, teases the boy not to play with a mans weapon. Cupid shoots Apollo in the heart with a sharp golden arrow and strikes with a leaden shaft the Nymph Daphne, daughter of the River God Peneus. Apollo the God was then seized with love for the maiden and she abhorred the thought of loving. In the painting Apollo catches Daphne. She then calls on her father who saves her by turning her into a tree.